Georgian Sprinklers provides high quality low voltage landscape lighting solutions that will meet all of your expectations. The quality of light produced by a low voltage system will always be sharper and cleaner than a high voltage alternative. It is guaranteed to dramatically enhance any outdoor scene. Low voltage lighting is more energy efficient than the high voltage counterparts.


Cost to run an average 300 Watt Low-voltage system:

6 hours run time per night = $0.25 per day = $7.50 per month = $90.00 per year (*approximate calculations) Double the amounts for a 600 Watt system. Figure on approximately $.045 cents per hour per 300 Watts. Operating costs of incandescent 120 volt lighting systems can be as high as 3 times that of a 12 volt system. It takes less energy to create more light at 12 volts. That’s efficiency!


Less is More

“If you illuminate everything you highlight nothing.” A few perfectly placed fixtures will create a more dramatic effect than throwing light everywhere. Avoid the ‘runway effect’ with sufficient spacing between path lights and stagger fixture placement on both sides of pathways when possible.


Let Georgian Sprinklers Inc. Light’n Up your Night Life

One of the most overlooked, yet significant landscaping considerations is your home’s appearance after the sun goes down. Nothing compares to the breathtaking beauty of night lighting that provides depth, mystery and character to your property in all seasons. In addition to enhancing the beauty and bringing your property to life, a carefully planned lighting system will actually deter crime, increase security and improve safety.

Safe, economical 12 Volt Night Lighting will do for your home at night what landscaping does during the day – make it comfortable, attractive and enjoyable. This presents the opportunity to illuminate a property in a way that is beautiful, safe to navigate and adds additional security with night time darkness.

Path lighting can illuminate the gardens while providing a safe passage through the property.

Mirror lighting into a pool or water garden can make your backyard appear twice as large, while making for a spectacular sight to behold.

In Canada it is night for over 3500 hours each year. Why not make the most of it?